King’s Cup
Cosponsored by Sugar and Spice, the Student Life Fund, the Arab Students Association, International Club and Red Bull

General Information

Date: November 19th, Saturday
Time: 10:00am-4:00pm
Location: Gantcher Gym

What is the King’s Cup?

King’s Cup is an annual international soccer tournament held in conjunction with the King’s birthday, as it is a national holiday. Tufts Thai Club’s King’s cup started in 1999, in effort to bring to Tufts the same spirit and love for soccer the Thais are well known for. The event has quickly expanded and become recognized across campus as one of the schools premier sporting events, bringing in a variety of people, be it tufts undergrads, graduates, fraternities, local soccer clubs or students from Boston area schools. Its great fun and we encourage all people to come and check it out!

Rules and Regulations

6 on 6 indoor soccer
Maximum of 4 varsity players
Unlimited number of players on teams
Tournament Rounds: Group Stage->Quarter Finals->Semi-Finals
Self refereed until the semifinals, rules can be found here

First Place: $120 gift certificate to Sugar and Spice for Thai Cuisine!

Voted “Best Thai Food in Boston”

All Semi-finalists: Polycarbonate (just like nalgene!) water bottles with the King’s Cup logo


Provided Items

Lunch, Muffins, Red Bull, Gatorade, Fruits...(practice soccer balls will not be provided)


Steps to Register for a Team
    1. Fill out the registration form by November 10th 6pm
    2. Receive confirmation email
    3. After the registration deadline receive an email notifying all teams that have been guaranteed a spot in tournament
    4. Attend the captain’s meeting on November 14th (time TBA) and pay a $20 fee (to be returned on the day of the tournament) *We STRONGLY encourage all captain’s to attending this meeting regardless of their registration number, any teams whose captain does not attend will lose their spot and be replaced by a team on the waiting list whose captain is present
    5. Arrive promptly at 8:30am, sign up and PLAY SOCCER!