February 2001 (Black History Month)
28th (Wednesday) Afro-Latino Film Series: Black Orpheus 107 minutes
(7:00 pm, Nelson Auditorium, Anderson Hall)
Focuses on Afro-Brazilians in Rio de Janeiro at carnival time in the 1950s. An adaptation of a classical Greek myth in the context of modern Rio de Janeiro.
24th (Saturday) CARNAVAL 2001
(Brazilian Cultural Center, 9:30 pm, $13 - include Samba lessons)
Samba classes at 9:30pm
Samba party with Karana Band and Samba Tremeterra.
Address: 301 Webster Ave - Cambridge, MA
(Off Cambridge Street, near Inman Square)
Phone: 617-547-5543
14th (Wednesday) Afro-Latino Film Series: Bahia, Africa in the Americas 58 minutes
(7:30 pm, Olin Center, 180 Packard Ave.)
A documentary which examines the African cultural traditions preserved by the people of Bahia, Brazil, in their music, dance, art, food and , especially, the Candomblé (Umbanda) religion.
7th (Wednesday) Afro-Latino Film Series: Quilombo 114 minutes
(7:00 pm, Nelson Auditorium, Anderson Hall)
This film examines 17th century Brazil where runaway black slaves escaped to mountainous jungle strongholds, and formed self-governing communities known as quilombos.
January 2001
30th (Tuesday) ORFEU (Barnum 008, 7:30 pm)
A great Brazilian movie that depicts Carnaval and other aspects of Brazilian life very well.
September 2000
24thCannon Painting (meet at Eaton Hall #204, 10:30pm)
25thCapoeira Wokshop (Jackson Gym, 6:30pm, $3)
Capoeira Masters from Brazil will be teaching this Afro-Brazilian tradition. Lots of fun!
27thBrazilian Music Festival at Brown University.
29thSamba Workshop at the Brazilian Cultural Center of New England

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