Tufts Technology

2017 Program Dates

First Session: May 24-June 30

Second Session: July 5-August 11

12-Week Session: May 24-August 11

With SHORT COURSES and WORKSHOPS running throughout the Summer!

Understanding Technology at Tufts

A quick guide to typical student technology needs at Tufts Univeristy in the summer.

Tufts Technology Terms

Tufts ID# Tufts Username Tufts Password Tufts Email Tufts Tools Tufts Logon Responsibile Use Which Browser? Tufts Tech Services

Tufts Network Serices

Student Info System Trunk Exchange Tufts Tools Mobile Services Computer Labs Printing Library Resources Wireless Connectivity Device Registration Tufts Emergency Alerts

Hints & Help

How to get a Tufts Username