Tuition and Fees

2017 Program Dates

First Session: May 24-June 30

Second Session: July 5-August 11

12-Week Session: May 24-August 11

With SHORT COURSES and WORKSHOPS running throughout the Summer!

Eligibility, Admissions & Enrollment

All Programs

Registrations or Applications for Tufts Summer Programs are reviewed by an admissions committee. Admissibility is based on the quality of credentials submitted by the applicant. Tufts University reserves the right to admit as requested, to deny admission, or offer provisional admission. The program will not provide feedback to applicants when admission is denied.

Should you enroll, you will have been selected to study at Tufts University this summer based on the evaluation of admission credentials submitted to the Tufts University. You will have been placed in a summer program or course based both on your wishes and the decision of the Program in which you enroll. Should discovery be made at any point in your enrollment at Tufts University this summer that part or the whole of your application for admission was false, you will be withdrawn from Tufts University.

Summer Session Students

Tufts University reserves the right to determine admissibility to special, summer-only, student status, and to deny admission to persons who are judged to not have disclosed requested biographical information or educational history with completeness and honesty. Further, admission may be denied to persons who are judged to not have adequate preparation for college-level study at Tufts University.

Pre-requisite and prior study/learning recommendations are indicated in course descriptions, where possible. Students who do not attend Tufts in the fall or spring terms should pay attention to these indications when making course selections. If you have questions, contact the instructor or sponsoring department. Misjudgment of your readiness to study in a course at Tufts University in the summer will not be considered as an extenuating circumstance if you withdraw and request a refund.

In some cases, a transcript may be requested prior to confirming eligibility for a student to enroll in a particular course. Should a transcript be requested, participation in the course will not be confirmed until the transcript has been provided and reviewed. Students will receive email correspondence and, where possible, phone calls in such cases.

Applicants with a high school diploma will be considered for admission as a special, summer student at the undergraduate or graduate level. If you are a high school student, review information for our Pre-College program below.

You are considered “Officially Enrolled” when:

  1. Payment for the program is completed and your tuition balance is cleared ($0)
  2. Any requested materials are received and accepted by Tufts Summer Session

Pre-College Program (High School Students)

Rising high school juniors and seniors (age 16-18) are eligible to apply for admission as a summer student through our Pre-College Program. This is a selective program which requires additional information for admission. Please visit the Pre-College Program website for application and additional eligibility information. Pre-College Program

Decisions are made on a rolling basis. Terms of enrollment are stipulated in a Letter of Admission, which is sent to the student via the U.S. Postal Service. Students are asked to confirm admission within two weeks by submitting a non-refundable confirmation fee payment. Subsequent requests to change the terms of enrollment may be considered if made before the Tufts Pre-College program begins.

You are considered “Officially Enrolled” when:

  1. Payment for the program is completed and your tuition balance is cleared ($0)
  2. All required release, permissions, and disclosure forms are received and accepted by Tufts Pre-College Program
  3. Completion of the Tufts Summer Study Orientation is recorded