Tuition and Fees

2017 Program Dates

First Session: May 24-June 30

Second Session: July 5-August 11

12-Week Session: May 24-August 11

With SHORT COURSES and WORKSHOPS running throughout the Summer!

Technology & Computer Requirements


You will need access to a Mac computer running at least OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or a PC running Windows 7/8/10.

Internet Access

A reliable, high-speed (cable or broadband) internet connection is required. Students are expected to log into Trunk and/or check email daily, and will need regular and reliable access to the internet.

Web Browser

Mozilla Firefox is strongly recommended, since it is the officially supported browser for the Trunk Learning Management System.


Course-Specific Requirements

There may be additional requirements for hardware and software at the course-level, which will be specified when the course begins.

Getting Help/Support

Support is available through Trunk. Contact Trunk at 617-627-4848 or email