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Summer 2018

Course Numbers:
        0001 - 0099: undergraduate credit only
        0100 - 0199: undergraduate or graduate
        0200 & Up: strictly graduate

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Title:   Linear Algebra      

Course Number:      MATH 0070A
Campus: Medford/Somer.   
Room: Anderson Hall 312

Course Description:

Introduction to the theory of vector spaces and linear transformations over the real or complex numbers, including linear independence, dimension, matrix multiplication, similarity and change of basis, inner products, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, and some applications.  A prerequisite for this class is a second-level course in calculus (similar to MATH 0034).

Instructor: Kim Ruane           Instructor Website

Offered in: First session
Class Dates: Wednesday, May 23, 2018 to Friday, Jun 29, 2018
Day(s): TWTh           Times: 1:30-3:45 PM
Credit Value: 3          Call Number:      50212

Audit Enroll Option: Yes                           
Status: Open


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