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Summer 2017 Tufts Course List

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Tufts Credit:
       1.0 course credits is equal to 4 semester hours at other institutions
       0.5 course credits is equal to 2 semester hours at other institutions
Course Numbers:
        0001 - 0099: strictly undergraduate
        0100 - 0199: undergraduate or graduate
        0200 & Up: strictly graduate

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Title:   Women, War, and Peace      

Course Number:      PJS 0150A
Campus: Medford/Somer.   
Room: TBA

Course Description:

Conflict is gendered: it affects men and women differently. Traditionally, men fight while women play supportive roles, men are perpetrators of violence while women are victims of this violence. However, this simple story is not only inaccurate, it limits our capacity to identify and analyze the full range of activities that men and women pursue during conflict. This story encourages us to valorize the warrior man and condemn men as cowards who do not take up arms. This story encourages us to expect women to be the victim and to ignore women who are perpetrators of violence themselves.  This class will explore a range of activities pursued by men and women in conflict focusing on the question: how is conflict gendered? Gender is a social construct, treated as a dichotomy of identity through which we understand one through understanding the other. The focus will be primarily on women but in understanding the constraints of social structure on women, we also better understand the constraints on men. The processes of peacebuilding are similarly gendered as it is elites who sit down to discuss the cessation of violence and design peace agreements and these are nearly always men. Moving forward, post-conflict environments are structured by peace agreements. When agreements are written by men, institutions and social structures tend to maintain the same kinds of gender bias that existed during conflict. This class focuses on the gender elements of these processes through a range of mostly recent cases.


Instructor: Dept. Staff

Offered in: First session
Class Dates: Wednesday, May 24, 2017 to Friday, Jun 30, 2017
Day(s): TBA           Times: TBA
Credit Value: 1          Call Number:      50249

Audit Enroll Option: Yes                           
Status: Cancelled


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