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       1.0 course credits is equal to 4 semester hours at other institutions
       0.5 course credits is equal to 2 semester hours at other institutions
Course Numbers:
        0001 - 0099: strictly undergraduate
        0100 - 0199: undergraduate or graduate
        0200 & Up: strictly graduate

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Title:   Human Errors      

Course Number:      ENP 0149C
Campus: Medford/Somer.   
Room: TBA

Course Description:

Graduate-level seminar course designed for students who are interested in getting a broad overview of different research methods and analytical techniques in human factors/ergonomics research.
Accidents happen, but what does it mean to identify "Human Error" as the cause? Does Human Error even exist? Can we measure it? Can we prevent errors? How do systems work so well in light of such error-prone humans? In this course, we examine Human Error from many perspectives, including differing philosophies, models, and methods for measuring error and reliability. At the end of the course, students will be familiar with the controversies regarding Human Error and some of the most common methods for trying to account for human performance and reliability.


Instructor: Sami Durrani           Instructor Website  
                      Timothy McEwen

Offered in: 12 Week session
Class Dates: Wednesday, May 24, 2017 to Friday, Aug 11, 2017
Day(s): M           Times: 6:00-9:00 PM
Credit Value: 1          Call Number:      50373

Audit Enroll Option: Yes                           
Status: Open


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