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Tufts Credit:
       1.0 course credits is equal to 4 semester hours at other institutions
       0.5 course credits is equal to 2 semester hours at other institutions
Course Numbers:
        0001 - 0099: strictly undergraduate
        0100 - 0199: undergraduate or graduate
        0200 & Up: strictly graduate

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Title:   Urban Political Ecology      

Course Number:      UEP 0194BA
Campus: Medford/Somer.   
Room: Olin Center 318

Course Description:

The multi-disciplinary field of urban political ecology offers a conceptual toolkit to explore relationships between the environment and the city across multiple contexts and scales.  For urban and/or environmental planners, activists, or educators, a political ecological approach to community development develops the critical skills necessary to address pressing social and environmental concerns. The course will investigate the impact of power and politics in the deliberate and systematic making of urban landscapes, and the politicization of nature through processes of economic development and environmental conservation.  It particularly focuses on the differential access to environmental resources and the uneven degradation of both environments and human lives. Case studies exploring the use of political ecology in key contemporary debates over food and green spaces will be discussed to demonstrate how specific forms of ecological knowledge are narrated and validated by interrelated biophysical, political and cultural contexts.


Instructor: Dept. Staff

Offered in: Second session
Class Dates: Wednesday, Jul 5, 2017 to Friday, Aug 11, 2017
Day(s): MW           Times: 6:00-9:30 PM
Credit Value: 0.5          Call Number:      50251

Audit Enroll Option: No                     
Status: Open


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