Who We Are – STEM Ambassadors
During the 2019 Engineering Ambassadors Network Conference, senior ambassadors were tasked with creating a short video that represented their respective programs. MinSeo Jeong, Raul Pech Figueroa, and Derrick Sosa highlight why they feel diversity in the classroom is so vital.
STEM Ambassadors talking around a table
As a STEM Ambassador, #STEMStandsFor more than just an academic acronym. We are a community of passionate students looking to spark curiosity and change the conversation of what #STEMStandsFor one classroom visit at a time.
STEM Ambassadors talking around a table
A VISTA Perspective on the Power of Representation in STEM
After a year serving as a MACC VISTA, Jessica Grant reflects on a critical lesson learned after visiting a Chemistry class surrounding the power in inclusive representation within the STEM fields.
Vista Perspective
New 2017-2018 STEM Ambassadors
Congratulations to the newest cohort of STEM Ambassadors for the 2017-2018 school year.
Vista Perspective
I am a #STEMAmbassador
This past academic year (2016-2017), STEM Ambassadors participated in a social media campaign to share what motivates them to be #STEMAmbassadors. The following video displays responses to the prompt "I am a STEM Ambassador because..." written on whiteboards.
I am a #STEMAmbassador
STEM Ambassadors: From Infancy to Today
Andre Newland, third year ambassador, talks about his experiences as a STEM Ambassador from the beginning to now reflecting on its growth and community impact.
STEM Ambassadors: From Infancy to Today
Celebrating Our Differences Together through STEM
Senior ambassadors Andre Newland and Mateo Galeano collaborated with ambassadors from University of Illinois and Prepare to create a video to celebrate diversity within STEM at the 2016 Engineering Ambassador Conference at Penn State.
Celebrating Our Differences Together through STEM
New 2016-2017 STEM Ambassadors
Congratulations to the newest cohort of STEM Ambassadors for the 2016-2017 school year.
New 2016-2017 STEM Ambassadors
New STEM Ambassador's Reflections on Experiences and Classroom Visits
After a semester of training as a STEM Ambassador, Mateo Galeano presented to a total of 7 classrooms at Medford High School and Josiah Quincy Upper School. He shares his experiences as an ambassador and the lessons he learned.
New STEM Ambassador's reflections
New 2015-2016 STEM Ambassadors
Congratulations to the 5 new STEM Ambassadors who will be joining the 7 returning ambassadors for the 2015-2016 school year.
New Stem Ambassadors
Who is Patient Zero? — STEM Ambassadors Go to Josiah Quincy Upper School
On Friday March 27th, the STEM Ambassadors went into 7 classes at Josiah Quincy Upper School ranging from 8th grade Physics to 11th grade IB Biology. In all, they interacted with 77 students which is 16% of the school's population.
Who is Patient Zero
STEM Ambassadors Go to Medford High School
On Friday February 6th, the STEM Ambassadors invaded 9th grade Physics at Medford High School. They presented science and engineering topics in 4 classrooms and interacted with 108 students.
Sarah and Steven
STEM Ambassadors Promote Math, Science with High School Students
The work and mission of the STEM Ambassadors was highlighted in the February 2, 2015 issue of the Tufts Daily.
STEM students
Prosthetic Prototype: STEM Ambassadors Visit Medford High School
During the month of October, the STEM Ambassadors took over 14- 9th grade Physics classes at Medford High School performing interactive science and engineering activities. In all, they interacted with over 300 students.
Prosthetic Prototype