STEM Ambassadors Testimonials

"The most applicable skills that I have obtained from STEM Ambassadors is confidence in myself to express and present ideas."

– Mateo Galeano, STEM Ambassador

"STEM Ambassadors has helped me solidify my passion and integrity to science. It has impacted my academics by making me feel that I have a role in science and have what it takes to succeed in it."

– Jackie Cabral, STEM Ambassador

"I am more in contact with my STEM identity and has strengthened my sense of belonging as a member of the STEM community."

– Hernan Gallegos, STEM Ambassador

"It has helped me realize what I'm passionate about and find my community at Tufts."

– Melanie Ramirez, STEM Ambassador

"I am a more confident speaker, communicator, and person because of the people that I have been surrounded by this past year."

– Emily Sim, STEM Ambassador

"I liked that we got to do a hands on activity to learn about prosthetics."

– Medford High School student

"I liked how clear and understandable the presentation was and how fun the experiment was."

– Somerville High School student

"It was very well organized, which I really liked because slides all jumbled up with a bunch of words makes me learn nothing."

– Somerville High School student

"It was life changing."

– Josiah Quincy Upper School student

"The STEM Ambassadors were all very active in facilitating group work, as well as focusing students when they needed the class's full attention."

– Rocco Cieri, Director of Science – Medford Public Schools

"Thank you so much for bringing your enthusiasm and love for science to our students at SHS."

– Susan Schmidt, Somerville High School Chemistry teacher