Who We Are

STEM Ambassadors is a professional development program with a mission to change the conversation of STEM through representation and engaging hands-on activities in the classroom. By becoming better leaders, communicators, and presenters, we hope to connect with underrepresented students to reinforce that attending college and pursuing STEM fields can be attainable by anyone who is determined no matter their ethnicity or economic background.

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STEM Ambassadors Testimonials

"The most applicable skills that I have obtained from STEM Ambassadors is confidence in myself to express and present ideas."

– Mateo Galeano, STEM Ambassador

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STEM ambassadors talking around a table

As a STEM Ambassador, #STEMStandsFor more than just an academic acronym. We are a community of passionate students looking to spark curiosity and change the conversation of what #STEMStandsFor one classroom visit at a time.

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