The Robotics Academy Thesis Archive:
Samuel Kortz '05 Isolation of Abnormal Feeding Drosophila melanogaster Using Fluorescent Imaging
Melissa Pickering '05 Design of an Automated Device to Prepare Drosophila melanogaster for Image Analysis
Jason Adrian '04 Logic, Drive Control, and User Interface Integration of a Multidiscipline Kinetic Sculpture
Kristi Hamada '04 Human Factors and Children:
Designing an Interface for an Interactive Kinetic Sculpture
Laurel Hesch '04 Bluetooth Bots:
An Investigation of Bluetooth’s Applicability to a Light Finding Robotics Problem
Michael Kelly '04 The Continuing Development of the Robotics Academy
Emily Mower '04 Cooperative Light Identification and Mobilization by a Robotic Team
Jarred Sakakeeny '04 The Kinetic Sculpture and Factors Affecting the Sustainability of the Robotics Academy
Adeline Sutphen '04 TEAM SPOT:
A multidisciplinary team approach to the design and development of an autonomous mobile robot team.
Sandra Tang '04 RoboHunt:
A Study of Instructional Strategies and the Gender Differences that arise in a Robotics Workshop
Marc Weintraub '04 Control Logic and Small Signal Interface of a Kinetic Sculpture
Laura Hacker '03 Robotics in Education: ROBOLAB and Robotic Technology As Tools for Learning Science and Engineering




2005/2006 Projects Underway!
The Robotics Academy is kicking off its fourth year with a couple of new projects underway. Tufts University seniors worked over the summer to get a head start on this years challenges.
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Third Annual Race Across Campus!
On Friday, October 14, the Robotics Academy held the third annual Race Across Campus robotic relay race. Four teams built robots as fast as they could to overcome four different challenges.
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