The projects for the Robotics Academy are primarily chosen from the following fields: Educational Robotics, Medical Robotics, and Tele-Robotics. Potential projects are found by surveying current research in each field and choosing those projects that the Robotics Academy could contribute the most to. The interests and industry contacts of the Robotics Academy members and advisors are also taken into account when picking a project. A great potential project would enable academy members to work with corporations, hospitals, and/or government agencies in order to get a better idea of how the different organizations function and to directly contribute to meaningful research.

Do you have a project you'd like the Robotics Academy to work on? Please contact us.

For more information about current and past projects, follow the links below to each project's website. The project websites will pop up in a new browser window.

Current Projects
Past Projects

2005/2006 Projects Underway!
The Robotics Academy is kicking off its fourth year with a couple of new projects underway. Tufts University seniors worked over the summer to get a head start on this years challenges.
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Third Annual Race Across Campus!
On Friday, October 14, the Robotics Academy held the third annual Race Across Campus robotic relay race. Four teams built robots as fast as they could to overcome four different challenges.
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