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Undergraduate Program

Departmental Honors and Awards

Each year the Psychology Department recognizes outstanding achievements and presents several awards to its undergraduate students. Please join us in congratulating jobs well done!

Thomas Harrison Carmichael and Emily Leonard Carmichael Prize Scholarship

  • Awarded to assist an academically able junior or senior who has shown ability in physiological psychology or general physiology.
  • The scholarship was established in 1950 by Leonard Carmichael of the Class of 1921 and seventh president of Tufts College in memory of his parents.

Class of 1921 Leonard Carmichael Prize Scholarship Fund

  • Awarded by the Department of Psychology to third-year students whose academic achievements have been judged as outstanding.
  • This prize was established through the gifts of members and friends of the Class of 1921 in honor and memory of their classmate, Leonard Carmichael, seventh president of Tufts, secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, and vice president of the National Geographic Society with special responsibilities for research and exploration.

Priscilla N. Dunne Prize

  • Awarded annually to an undergraduate psychology major with an excellent record and great promise of future achievement in the field.
  • The prize fund was founded in 1980 by Mrs. Doris Scheff in honor of her daughter, Priscilla N. Dunne, '75.

Joanne Mary Sullivan Prize

  • Awarded to a junior or senior who has shown excellence and promise in the study of psychology.
  • This prize was established in 1990 in memory of Joanne Mary Sullivan, who held a B.A. in psychology, by her parents Eugene and Vilma, her brother Eugene Jr., G'90, and family and friends.

Sal Soraci Prize

  • Awarded annually to a Tufts undergraduate student who exemplifies Sal Soraci's intellectual breadth, by combining excellence in psychology with a demonstrated interest in the humanities.
  • Award was created in the memory of a beloved Tufts University associate professor of psychology who passed away in August 2003.
  • Professor Soraci made multiple contributions to academic life to Tufts community. He was an excellent teacher and well-known researcher in cognitive psychology. His research investigated many facets of the human mind that optimize learning and memory. In addition, Sal Soraci was the co-director of the Engineering Psychology/Human Factors Program. He was always present with an encouraging remark, a joke, and words of wisdom to help any student in his or her pursuit of knowledge. Many of our graduate and undergraduate students sought the guidance of Professor Soraci, regardless of what area of psychology was in question.

de Florez Prize in Human Engineering

  • Awarded to a student, ordinarily majoring in psychology, engineering, or science, who has acquired a high degree of theoretical sophistication and demonstrates an interest in the practical application of knowledge to problems of human engineering. The prize was established in 1964 by the bequest of Admiral Luis de Florez, USN, H'46.
  • The de Florez Prize in Human Engineering is a University award presented by the Academic Awards Committee.