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Undergraduate Program

Overview: Majoring in Psychology

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Prof. Lisa Shin

Psychology is concerned with the processes and principles of behavior in humans and animals. Increased understanding of oneself and others through the study of psychology is useful in almost every endeavor. Our undergraduate psychology curriculum is diverse in order to reflect the breadth of the field -- from the biological bases to the social determinants of behavior. Students can obtain general familiarity with psychological knowledge as well as have the opportunity to emphasize specific areas of psychology. Courses are geared toward the development of evaluative and analytic skills, which are indispensable to advanced study in experimental, clinical, and applied psychology. These skills, together with knowledge of the factors influencing individual and group behavior, are highly valuable for careers in such diverse fields as public health, engineering, medicine, business, administration, law, and education.

The department offers a psychology major, which offers a great deal of flexibility in areas of emphasis. We also offer four additional majors for students wishing to pursue specialized interests in biopsychology, clinical psychology, engineering psychology, and cognitive and brain science. Each major requires several courses taught in the department, as well as a variety of courses taught in fields related to psychology.

We offer several research opportunities for undergraduate students to work with faculty members and graduate students. These opportunities vary with respect to the amount of experience necessary and time commitment. Working in a lab can provide students with direct experience in their chosen field of study, and provide a useful glimpse into the world of academic research.

Download the department's Undergraduate Handbook (PDF) which contains information about the majors, courses, and requirements.

Please visit our forms and resources page to download the Declaration of Major Form and our PSY 99 Internship Approval Form.

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