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The Applied Diversity Science Initiative

The Applied Diversity Science Initiative (ADSI) represents a collection of scholars who conduct and support empirical research and scholarship focused on identifying and overcoming challenges related to diversity, climate, and inclusion in organizations. This initiative is primarily funded by grants and contracts from the organizations we service, with support from the Department of Psychology.

What We Do
We use theories and findings from empirical research to guide the development, application, and evaluation of new and existing programs and policies designed to address documented challenges associated with diversity, climate, and inclusion, broadly defined. We seek to use theories and data to gauge and improve the effectiveness of programs to help them achieve their diversity and inclusion goals.
Evaluation and Consultation Projects >

Faculty Fellows offer workshops on Understanding Implicit Bias and Understanding Stigma informed by the research and scholarship in their respective fields. Please contact individual faculty for these opportunities.

Director - Keith Maddox, Ph.D.

Faculty Fellows
 - Jessica Remedios, Ph.D.
 - Sam Sommers, Ph.D.

Opportunities for Involvement
Contact Dr. Keith Maddox if:

  • You are interested in hearing about student and faculty opportunities for involvement.
    • Doctoral Fellows are graduate students with research interests in diversity and climate related areas and typically receive a stipend in support of their ADSI activities.
    • Faculty Fellows are faculty with research expertise in diversity-related topics, or topics unrelated to diversity but with expertise in the practical application of theoretical approaches. These individuals are not compensated, but may be approached for opportunities to consult on existing projects or participate in workshops, some of which may be compensated.
  • You are a student, faculty, or staff member currently engaged in theory-based practical application efforts surrounding diversity, climate, and inclusion we'd love to hear more about your work, and include your name as a resource on the website.
  • You are the director of a program or research project that might benefit from our evaluation and consulting services.