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Core Faculty, Alphabetical Listing

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Samuel R. Sommers (Department Chair) - Social Psychology
Richard A. Chechile - Mathematical Psychology, Memory
Robert Cook - Animal Cognition and Learning
Ariel M. Goldberg - Psychology of Language, Linguistics
Gina Kuperberg - Cognitive Neuroscience, Language (semantics), Clinical cognitive neuroscience (neuropsychiatry)
Keith B. Maddox - Social Cognition
Klaus A. Miczek - Psychopharmacology
Paul Muentener - Cognitive Development
Raymond S. Nickerson - Cognition and Human Factors
Aniruddh D. Patel - Music Cognition
Alexander H. Queen - Clinical Psychology
Elizabeth Race - Cognitive Neuroscience
Jessica D. Remedios - Social Cognition
Jan P. de Ruiter - Cognition and Psycholinguistics
Lisa M. Shin (Director of Undergraduate Studies) - Clinical Neuroscience
Holly A. Taylor - Spatial Cognition, Language, Memory
Ayanna K. Thomas (Director of Graduate Studies) - Memory and Aging
Heather L. Urry - Affective Neuroscience
Nathan Ward - Applied Cognition
Secondary Appointments
Matthias Scheutz - Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Life, Cognitive Modeling
Linda Tickle-Degnen - Social Functioning and Wellness