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Graduate Program

Joint Ph.D. Program in Psychology and Cognitive Science


In May of 2011 Tufts approved a new Joint Ph.D. Program in Cognitive Science. This program offers students the opportunity to receive world-class training in the interdisciplinary methods and theories of Cognitive Science. Students are admitted to and based in a "home" department and fulfill the requirements of both their home department and the Cognitive Science Ph.D. program.

Students based in the Psychology department who successfully complete this program will be awarded a "Joint Ph.D. in Psychology and Cognitive Science."


Students interested in this program must first (or when initially applying to Tufts, simultaneously) be admitted to one of four other graduate programs at Tufts. At this time, these include: Psychology, Computer Science, Child Study and Human Development, and Education.


Students in the Psychology program must meet all of the requirements for the Psychology Ph.D. as well as those for Cognitive Science.

Many of the courses and qualifying papers required for the Cognitive Science Ph.D. program may be used to fulfill requirements towards the Psychology Ph.D. program. Students are encouraged to work with their advisor(s) to determine the optimal alignment of these courses and requirements.

Summary of Cognitive Science Requirements for Psychology Ph.D. Students

In addition to the Psychology Ph.D. requirements:

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