Dear Members of the Tufts Undergraduate Community,

    With no specific pre-law track for undergraduate students, the Tufts Pre-Law Society helps students who have an interest in the legal profession and legal issues by gathering a group of like-minded individuals with many overlapping ideas and concerns. Many of our members are troubled by the fact that a pre-law student has much flexibility in his or her undergraduate career. One of our main goals therefore, is to help our members take advantage of all of the opportunities offered to them. The Tufts Pre-Law Society is essentially a link between students and all of the legal connections that exist at Tufts.

    We are in the process of working with the Tufts alumni in the legal profession to design a mentorship and internship program for the upcoming academic year. We hope to give our members the chance to spend time in a real working environment, either throughout the school year or during the summer. We would also like to be able to bring more powerful speakers to campus that can broaden the legal profession for our members. We are also trying to form cooperative relationships with other law groups for surrounding schools. These interactions would provide many additional opportunities for our members and expand our network of students interested in law. The current executive board members recognize a lot of potential for the group and aim to enhance our programs, and therefore better the Tufts undergraduate community.


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