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Requirements for the

Minor in Medieval Studies


      The interdisciplinary minor in medieval studies presents a multidisciplinary focus on the world of the Middle Ages. The medieval world introduces us to the cultural roots of Europe and Islam in a preindustrial society and to the beginnings of Western European, Eastern European, and Middle Eastern languages and literatures.

      Five courses (15 semester hour units) with at least one course from each of the three categories (Literature, Art, History) are required for the minor. In addition to the five courses, a student is required to complete an appropriate project, such as a thesis, an oral presentation, or a performance, which integrates the knowledge and methodologies of the disciplines involved. (See the description of CIS 0120 [worth 2 semester hour units] in the Catalog.)


Category A—Literature



CLS 108/HIST 101–Alexander the Great: History, Myth Legend & Legacy

CLS 109/HIST 156 Passion, Power, & Piety:  The Voices of Byzantium

CLS 0127 Philosophy in the Greek, Latin and Arabic-Islamic Traditions

LAT 30/130 Medieval Latin




ENG 0101 Old English

ENG 0104 The Literature of The Middle Ages

ENG 0105 Middle English Literature

ENG 0107 Chaucer

ENG 0108 Virgil And Dante

ENG 0109 Ovid And the Ovidian Tradition



FR 0031 Readings in French Literature I

FR 0191/0192—Special Topics:

The French Arthurian Novel

Medieval French Comic Theater

Marie de France

Love Poetry of the French Middle Ages & Renaissance

Love & Marriage in Medieval French Literature



GER 0061 Survey German Literature I



ITAL 0031 Readings in Italian Literature I

ITAL 0051 Dante's Inferno

ITAL 0052 Dante's Purgatorio and Paradiso

ITAL 0170 Political Ideology in the Italian Literary Tradition



SPN 0032 Medieval & Early Modern Spanish Literature

SPN 0131 Spanish Literature of the Middle Ages



Category B—Art


Art History

FAH 0021/121 Early Islamic Art

FAH 0022/122 Iconoclasm and Iconophobia: Threat of The Image

FAH 0023/123 Byzantine Art and Architecture

FAH 0025/125 Medieval Architecture

FAH 0028/128 Medieval Art in The Mediterranean: Pagans, Jews, Christians, Muslims

FAH 0120 Armenian Art, Architecture and Politics: Fourth To Fourteenth Century

FAH 0127 Cathedrals and The Arts, 1150-1300

FAH 0198 Seminar in Medieval Art

                  Seminar in Byzantine/Armenian Art


Category C—History



HIST 0040  Pre-Modern China

HIST 0055 Europe in The Early Middle Ages

HIST 0056 Europe in The High Middle Ages

HIST 0058/CLS 0039 The Byzantines And Their World

HIST 0061 Icons and Tsars: Early Modern and Imperial Russia

HIST 0072 World of Islam

HIST 0101/CLS 0109 Alexander the Great: History, Myth, Legend, and Legacy

HIST 0152 Religious and Spiritual Map Of Europe, 300-1500

HIST 0154 Health and Healing In Medieval and Early Modern Europe

HIST 0156 Science, Magic and Society, 1100-1700

HIST 0157/CLS 0110 Empresses, Saints, & Scholars: The Women Of Byzantium

HIST 0165  Mongol Empire

HIST 0167  Medieval Islam



REL 0036/HIST 0009 A Global History of Christianity to the Middle Ages

REL 0048 Introduction to Islam

REL 0154 Muhammad And The Qur'an

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Contact Us:

Minor Coordinator:  Dr. David J. Proctor

003 East Hall, Department of History

Tufts University

Medford, MA  02155


Phone: 617-627-3041

E-mail: david.proctor@tufts.edu

The three glass panels  above represent the turn of the ninth century in  the European and Mediterranean World and the tensions of increasing globalization. The left panel is the Viking invasion of Lindisfarne (793), the middle panel is the Coronation of Charlemagne (800), and the right panel is the reign of Byzantine Empress Irene (797-802).    Stained glass designed by Sarah Larson, LA’18, as part of her final project for her minor in Medieval Studies.