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middle east

Major in Middle Eastern Studies

The Middle Eastern Studies major comprises twelve courses:
  1. Four courses of a Middle Eastern language, (level 3-4, or equivalent). Students who have demonstrated language competence through level 3-4 by a placement test must take two advanced language courses and either two semesters of a second Middle Eastern language or two other courses listed in section ii.
  2. Six courses in Middle Eastern studies—chosen in consultation with an advisor—from an approved list updated by the Middle Eastern Studies program annually. Three courses must be chosen from each of the following two groups:
    1. art history, religion, literature, Judaic studies, music, and
    2. anthropology, history, political science.

    These courses must include at least one course in pre-modern and one course in modern Middle Eastern studies. They must also include one course in each of two Middle Eastern cultures. Two of these courses may be more advanced language courses (21-22 and beyond).
  3. One course that relates the Middle East to other regions of the world.
  4. One advanced research course, such as thesis honors, a seminar, or advanced directed study.