Covering your campus the future of student media in the digital age
The responsibility of campus journalists is two-fold: We first must enlighten the campus by covering events with passion and courage, and we must learn from our experiences to become the next generation of reporters to explore the world. This conference will help us do both.
This is the second annual conference on the student press held at Tufts University. Our theme this year, Covering Your Campus, hopes to help local campus journalists present the news thoughtfully across all media in a way that compels readership and viewership on campus and around the world.
Our speakers this year will engage the conference with interactive demonstrations that will help improve editorial decision-making and writing in any media. Please explore the pages on this site for their biographies and speaking topics.
Thanks for your interest, and we hope to see you on March 1.
Yuna Park, news director, TUTV
Duncan Pickard, chair, Media Advocacy Board
Patrick Roath, managing editor, Tufts Observer
Mara Sacks, editor-in-chief, Tufts Observer
Matthew Skibinski, editor-in-chief, Tufts Daily
This conference is presented by the Media Advocacy Board, a body of student journalists,
with the Communications and Media Studies program and the Office of the President.