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Research & Scholarship

IR Research Scholars (2018)

Emma Brin (A19), International Relations, Thematic Concentration 4, International Security
"Reimagining Hepatitis C: A Spanish Story in an Era of Global Health"

Eva Kahan (A19), International Relations, Thematic Concentration 1d, Middle East and South Asia
"Military Demography and State inclusivity in Jordan"

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Borghesani Memorial Prize Recipients (2018)

Eleanor Harvey (A20), International Relations
"Intern, U.S. Department of Commerce, China"

Linda Lee (A19), Biology
"Drug Discovery Targeting NS2B-NS3 Proteases from Zika Virus"

Ria Mazumdar (A19), International Relations and Economics
"Educational Development in East Africa"

Magnifique Mukundwa (A20), Environmental Engineering
"Water Treatment and Shortage in Haute-Savoi, France"

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Student Thesis Research (Class of 2018)

Amanda Borquaye, International Relations
"The Façade of the Fence: A Crisis of Organized Crime and Human Rights Violations at the Border of Spain and Morocco"

Ben Corey, International Relations
"Chile's Education System: Crafting Policy for the Modern Era"

Kathryn Gibson, International Relations
"Empowerment Through Microfinance: Fact or Fiction? An Analysis of Microfinance in Ecuador"

Ari Gizzi, International Relations
"Further South than the South: Race and Citizenship in Italy"

Lily Hartzell, International Relations
"China's Environmental Diplomacy in Copenhagen and Paris: Examining the Reasons for a Shift in Policy"

Faryal Jafri, International Relations
"Faithless Justice: Understanding the Justice System's Role in Facilitating Abuse of the Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan"

Natasha Khwaja, International Relations
"Computing the Conversation: Understanding the Role of Language and Narrative in Influencing Policy Outcomes to Industrial Accidents in Bangladesh's Ready Made Garment Industry"

Jack Ronan, International Relations
"They're Coming for Our Lives and Our Values: Le Pen, Trump, and the Convergence of Islamophobic Discourse in French and American Politics"

Emma Steiner, International Relations
"What Has Changed with Regard to Labor Rights Under Chile's Restored Democracy and What Has Continued Unchanged From Pinochet's Dictatorship"

Kenneth Weitzman, International Relations
"Exploring the Relationship between How Companies Treat their Domestic Workforce and the Treatment of their Supplier Factory Workers"

Student Thesis Research (Class of 2017)

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Student Thesis Research (Class of 2016)

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