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About Tufts International Relations Program

Director's Welcome

Welcome to the International Relations (IR) Program at Tufts! Please explore our website or visit us in person on our beautiful campus on "the Hill" to learn about our intellectually rich and academically rigorous interdisciplinary undergraduate program.

Housed within the University's School of Arts and Sciences, the IR major offers an interactive and collaborative environment in which students, faculty and staff regularly engage both inside and outside the classroom—in lectures and seminars, during field trips and other extra-curricular activities, and as partners in faculty-student research projects. IR offers competitive funding to its students to pursue research of their own and actively fosters internship opportunities and other academically enriching activities—across campus, throughout the intellectually and economically vibrant Boston area and around the globe.

The Tufts IR core faculty is 106 strong and drawn from 20 different departments and programs across campus. Our faculty members are award winning, nationally and internationally known leaders in their respective fields as well as dedicated educators, mentors and advisors. These talented scholars are ideally placed to share with our students both theoretical and empirical knowledge and invaluable political, economic, historical and socio-cultural context during these challenging and politically turbulent times. Many of our faculty straddle the academic and policy worlds and care deeply about both the pursuit of knowledge and how that knowledge can be productively deployed to make the world a better place.

The IR curriculum, which includes eight semesters of foreign language training, is expressly designed to enrich, to challenge and to appeal to students with a broad range of interests and abilities. The multi-faceted nature of the IR major ensures students are exposed to the kind of mind-broadening knowledge of paramount importance in today's world. It also helps train our majors to become skilled critical thinkers and innovators, prepared to take on current and future global challenges. Recent IR graduates have gone on to careers in the public and private sectors, to positions in international organizations and to further study at the world's top graduate schools.

In light of all the IR Program has to offer, unsurprisingly, it consistently ranks among the three most popular majors on campus. Throughout its more than four decades’ long-history, IR has proudly coupled venerable and cherished traditions with innovative and forward-thinking education and interactive learning. In the coming academic year and beyond, the Program will continue to embrace productive, skills-enhancing changes while also remaining true to our core pedagogical and training missions.

— Associate Professor Kelly M. Greenhill, Director Pro Tem