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Program Requirements

Film Emphasis

  1. At least one foreign language up to the eighth semester (122)
  2. National and ethnic literatures (3 courses)
    The student must take three literature courses, two courses in the primary cultural area and one in the secondary cultural area.
  3. Film (5 courses)
    The student must take five courses in film chosen from section II-B of the course list, normally including one in the cultural area of the primary culture and another in that of the secondary culture. The student may substitute, for one of the five courses, a course in visual arts chosen from section II-A of the course list or a studio course in some domain of filmmaking (screenwriting, directing, acting, etc). See Courses Acceptable for the Major.
  4. Cross-cultural and/or gender-oriented literary, film/media or visual studies (2 courses)
    The student must take two cross-cultural or gender-oriented courses in section III.
  5. One Film/Media Theory Course
    The student must take one course in film or media theory course chosen from section IV-B of the course list.
  6. One Cultural Theory Course
    Choose one from section IV-D of the course list.
  7. Honors Thesis or Senior Project

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