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Judaic Studies Minor

Judaic Studies Minor
The minor in Judaic studies consists of six courses selected from those approved for the major, including at least four primary courses. Four of the six courses must be taken at Tufts and must include a course in which a substantial integrative project is produced. Two years of Hebrew or the equivalent are strongly recommended. For further information consult the program directors.

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Minor in Hebrew

The minor in Hebrew consists of Hebrew 21, 22, 121, and 122 (third- and fourth-year Hebrew language, with an introduction to modern Hebrew literature), or equivalent, and two additional courses in Hebrew-based Judaic Studies, from the following list:

English 49 The English Bible
Judaic Studies 48 Israeli Film
Judaic Studies 84 The Sources of Jewish Tradition
Judaic Studies 87 Introduction to Talmud
Judaic Studies 88 Queerness and Creativity in Rabbinic Literature
Judaic Studies 92 Special Topics
Judaic Studies 126 Roots of the Jewish Imagination
Judaic Studies 132 The Book of Genesis and Its Interpreters
Judaic Studies 136 King David and the Israelite Monarchy
Judaic Studies 192 Special Topics
Music 54 Music and Prayer in the Jewish Tradition
Religion 21 Introduction to the Hebrew Bible

Students who place out of third or fourth-year Hebrew by language placement exam must
still take a total of six courses, chosen from the above list.

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