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Major in German Language and Cultural Studies
To major in this area, a student takes nine courses above the intermediate level (GER 4). Students majoring in German should take advantage of our many language/culture courses taught solely in German (GER 21, 22, 34, 44, 61, 62 and varying 100-level literature/culture courses). A minimum of two 100-level courses taught in German (121 and one literature course at that level) is required. One course in a related field – to be approved by German program faculty - is also required.

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German Studies Major
This is an interdisciplinary degree, in which students can count courses also from other subject areas, This program requires nine courses plus one course in a related field approved by the German Program. The program includes at least five courses above the intermediate level (GER 4) taught in German (for example GER 21, 22, 34, 44, 61, 62), including two 100-level courses (GER 121 and one literature course at that level). The remaining five courses should cover German subject matter taught through at least three departments such as Art History, German, History, Music, Philosophy, or Political Science. Courses taken in other departments must be approved by the German Program for concentration credit.

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Tufts-in-Tübingen Program
Students for both majors or also from other disciplines can take advantage of this unique opportunity to spend a semester or year of their Junior or Senior year abroad examining the culture of German-speaking countries within the larger European context. With approval of the Tufts-in-Tübingen resident director, courses taken in German at the University of Tübingen in areas such as Politikwissenschaft, Volkswirtschaft, Geschichte, Volkskunde, Sozial- and Kulturwissenschaft, Germanistik and Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft will count toward the concentration requirement of nine German courses beyond the intermediate level (GER 4) and the one course in a related field. Upon returning to Tufts-Medford, two 100- level courses taught in German (GER 121 and one literature/culture course at that level) will be required. If the student has not yet taken an advanced literature course in German, the other 100- level course must be in literature.

Minor in German
The minor requires 6 courses above the intermediate level (GER 4). These must include two courses at the 100-level taught in German at Tufts in Medford; one of them being GER 121.

Minor Forms, once completed, must be signed by either the Program Director, Markus Wilczek, or the Language Coordinator, Saskia Stoessel. Submit one signed form to the main office, Olin 326 and one to Student Services in Dowling Hall.

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