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Undergraduate Concentration: Overview and Requirements

The Arabic major offers students a strong foundation in the Arabic language, as well as provides training to critically engage with Arabic literary and cultural activities, such as cinema and other media. Our major prepares students for careers in NGOs, journalism, academia, business, law, diplomacy, or technology - wherever knowledge of Arabic language and cultures is a valuable asset.

The major in Arabic requires ten courses in all: nine courses beyond Arabic 4, plus one approved course in a different department. Of the nine departmental courses, four must be Arabic language-based courses, while five must be selected from available departmental Arabic culture courses.

  1. Language requirement
    Four Arabic language-based courses above Arabic 4: Arabic 21; Arabic 22; Arabic 121; Arabic 122; or, further advanced Arabic language-based courses (subject to approval of the Director of Arabic). Students who place higher than Arabic 21 upon entry into the program are expected to complete ten courses in all, in consultation with the Director of Arabic.
  2. Culture requirement
    Five departmental Arabic literature or culture courses. Two of these five required courses may be filled by approved courses taken outside of the Medford campus.
  3. Related course
    One course in a topic related to Arabic or the Middle East offered outside of Tufts' Arabic Program. Courses in this category are subject to the approval of the Director of Arabic.

Language courses for the major

21, 22 Arabic Reading, Composition and Conversation
121, 122 Advanced Modern Standard Arabic
123, 124 Advanced Readings in Arabic

Culture/literature courses

55 Cultural History of the Modern Middle East
57 Arab and Middle Eastern Cinemas
62 Modern Arabic Literature
63 Arabian Nights
64 The Literary Qur'an
65 Travel Literature: The Arab and Muslim World
91/92 Special Topics
93/94 Directed Study in Literature or Language (*not if taught by a language lecturer)
155 Postcolonial Cinemas
157 War and Cultural Memory in Literature and Cinema of the Middle East
191/192 Special Topics
193/194 Advanced Directed Study in Literature (*not if taught by a language lecturer)
198/199 Senior Honors Thesis

Transfer credits from study abroad programs must be equivalent to courses offered in the Arabic program in order to satisfy degree requirements. Accepted transfer credit courses that are fundamentally language study courses (e.g. colloquial/dialect courses or language courses on discrete topics such as "Media Arabic") will not be accepted as satisfying the culture course requirements.

Download the Arabic Major Checklist >

Undergraduate Minor Program

The Arabic minor requires the completion of six courses beyond the intermediate level (Arabic 3-4). These must include two language courses at the 100 level and two literature/culture courses at the 60 level.

Minor Forms, once completed, must be signed by either the Program Director, Kamran Rastegar, or the Language Coordinator, Rana Abdul-Aziz. Submit one signed form to the main office, Olin 326 and one to Student Services in Dowling Hall.

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