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Opportunities and Fieldwork

During the second year, students refine and develop their research interests and are supported for up to one semester conducting research anywhere in the world with our global network of water partners. These research opportunities are customized to optimize student's interests and doctoral dissertation plans. This related research experience is expected to: (a) provide freedom to choose a problem that connects theory and practice of a water issue; and (b) allow a maturing phase before finalizing a Ph.D. dissertation. Recent research opportunities included water issues from Switzerland, Laos, and Peru.

Working with Partners
Our program includes three types of collaborating institutions: academic partners, national and international partners. Our national partners include a range of institutions from federal and state agencies to consulting companies. These partners are chosen for their unique regional strengths and expertise as well as their willingness to host and provide meaningful real world exposure to water conflicts to IGERT fellows. Our international partners bring in transboundary water conflicts expertise from one of the most highly water stressed areas of the world.