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Aquapedia Case Study

The Water Diplomacy AquaPedia Case Study database is a free, community-created database of water management/conflict case studies. We encourage everyone to participate. Anyone can get an account to create, edit, or comment on AquaPedia Case Studies.

The site seeks to:
  • Organize and search information presented on case studies for complex water problems that cross boundaries (e.g.: spatial, temporal, cultural, etc.)
  • Incorporate and organize opposing views from existing case studies
  • Provide a method for distilling knowledge that is useful to water managers and knowledge that is useful for water scholars in a simplified format.
  • Develop case studies that can function as living documents and be updated as our understanding of the case and related events develop.

AquaPedia is intended to be an interactive learning platform that is constantly evolving and growing both in content and management. It is meant to provide reliable, relevant, and readily available water information and wisdom from users and producers of explicit and tacit water knowledge. The potentially transformative and collaborative power of AquaPedia will, we hope, make water a flexible and expandable resource.

Students: Development of an AquaPedia Case Study
Water Diplomacy students are asked to develop and maintain an AquaPedia Case Study of their choice throughout their participation in the Water Diplomacy program. The case offers students an opportunity to communicate complex information from various sources in an interactive format. IGERT Water Diplomacy students are actively involved in shaping the development of AquaPedia.