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Water Diplomacy Program

2015-2016 Handbook
Students in our Water Diplomacy Ph.D. program have the opportunity to design their own individualized Water Diplomacy Ph.D. trajectory based on their background and interests. Students must meet the requirements of their home department (provide depth of knowledge) as well as the Water Diplomacy Ph.D. program (provides breadth of knowledge). Individualized curriculum is designed in consultation with student's advisors and the IGERT Program Committee.

Students are expected to:

Students are also encouraged to complete the required coursework for a certificate in Water: Systems, Science and Society (WSSS).

Integration of Educational and Research Objectives
The interdisciplinary education activities are organized around four stems of an integrated structure individualized curriculum; IGERT water colloquium and negotiation simulation; work on real-world water problems with external partners; and integrative group activities to develop and sustain a community of interdisciplinary students.