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Faculty Listing

Faculty Title, Primary Department Research Expertise IGERT Focus
Barry Trimmer, PI Controls (C) Professor, Biology Neuromechanics, soft robotic devices C  B  S
David Kaplan, co-PI,
Materials (M)
Department Chair and Professor, Biomedical Engineering Biopolymer engineering related to tissue engineering M  B
Michael Levin
BioComponents (B)
Professor, Biology Director, Center for Regenerative and Developmental Biology B
Robert White
Structures (S)
Assoc. Professor, Mechanical Engineering Micromachined sensors and actuators S
Christoph Börgers Professor, Mathematics Mathematical neuroscience, applied dynamical systems, scientific computing C
Luis Dorfmann Assoc. Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering Theory and modeling of large deformation materials C  M
Soha Hassoun Assoc. Professor, Computer Science Software algorithms and methodologies for multiscale complex systems C
Marc Hodes Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering Transport phenomena S
Valencia Koomson
Assoc. Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering Analog/mixed-signal integrated circuits and biomimetic electronic systems C  S
Gary Leisk Research Faculty, Mechanical Engineering Novel biomaterial systems, soft fiber-reinforced composite scaffolds S
William Messner Department Chair and Professor, Mechanical Engineering Automatic control systems, robotics, microfluidics, biological systems and instrumentation C
Matthew Panzer Assist. Professor, Chemical & Biological Engineering Novel electrochemical devices for energy harvesting and storage M
Robert Peattie Research Associate Professor, Surgery Biomechanics, fluid flow in biological vessels C  B
Jason Rife Assist. Professor, Mechanical Engineering Control design, sensing, navigation and robotics C  S
Chris Rogers
Outreach Leader
Professor, Mechanical Engineering Director, Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO) S
Matthias Scheutz
International Leader
Assoc. Professor, Computer Science Director, Human-Robot Interaction Laboratory C
Igor Sokolov Professor, Mechanical Engineering Nano-mechanics of soft materials, nanophotonics, nano-stethoscopes, atomic force microscopy, lubrication films, self-healing materials M
Sameer Sonkusale Assoc. Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering Director, Nanoscale Sensors, Integrated Circuits and Metamaterials Laboratory S
Samuel Thomas Assist. Professor, Chemistry Organic chemistry of electrostatically-responsive materials, optical sensing materials, and multifunctional polymers M
Eric Tytell Assist. Professor, Biology (2012) Biomechanics and neural control of swimming in fishes C  B
Qiaobing Xu Assist. Professor, Biomedical Engineering Micro/nanofabrication tools for tissue engineering M
International Collaborators Title, Institution Research Expertise IGERT Focus
Paolo Dario Professor, Advanced Robotics, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pontedera, Pisa, Italy Biomimetic robots and prostheses S  C
Auke Ijspeert Professor, Biorobotics Laboratory, École Polytechnique Fédéral de Lausaunne, Switzerland Nonlinear systems and robot controls C
Akio Ishiguro Professor, Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University, Sendei, Japan Distributed control of biorobotics C  S
Carole Perry Professor, Nottingham Trent University, UK Bioinorganic and materials chemistry M  B
Rolf Pfeifer Professor, University of Zurich, Switzerland Embodiment, biorobotics, artificial evolution C  S
Jonathan Rossiter Head of Soft Robotics Group, FARSCOPE Centre for Doctoral Training, Bristol Robotics Laboratory Bio-mimetics, artificial intelligence, composites, sensors C  M