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Optimizing the use of New Media in the Connected Classroom: New Tools and Instructional Design for Deeper Learning at Tufts
Principal Investigator: Kris Manjapra, School of Arts and Sciences

To develop, document and disseminate a suite of instructional design and digital tools to facilitate a long-distance "connected classroom" experience between Tufts students and BRAC University students in Bangladesh in spring 2014. These tools will have immediate potential for broad application across disciplines and schools at Tufts. The connected classroom will pair classrooms at Tufts and BRAC-U using videoconferencing, webconferencing and multimedia courseware to create a synchronous co-taught History course.

Students will engage in collaborative learning across global distance. The project will include the development of (1) the ability to port the prototyped Interactive Video Player to and from the Tufts Digital Library, (2) sharable instructional documentation for Multilinear Video Essays, (3) online tutorials and in-class instructional materials on informed and responsible research on the Open Web tailored for Tufts students, and (4) an assessment strategy using the new E-portfolio Trunk tool to record the attitudinal shifts among students who take part in the long-distance connected classroom.

Upcoming Events:

Susann Rowson in Medford 1799
Professor Steven Epley will discuss sexual mores and education in18th-century New England
Monday Sept 17, 2018 | 6:00 pm
Austin Conference Room, Tisch Library
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Recent Events:

The Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide at Tufts University: A Day of Remembrance
Slash and Burn : How Two Manuscripts Survived A Violent Past by Sylvie L. Merian
Wednesday, April 18, 2018 | 7:00pm
Goddard Chapel
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