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Museum Studies & History

Tufts University benefits from its location in the greater Boston area, one of America's most important hubs for museums and historical societies. The Museum Studies Program combines theory and practice by bringing together scholars of the Tufts History Department and professional experts in Museum Studies. The unparalleled wealth of historical institutions just outside our back door provides a host of opportunities for on-site education, internships, and networking.

The Tufts Museum Studies Program provides qualified, post-baccalaureate students with professional training in administration, preservation, and interpretation skills required for a career in the museum field. The Certificate in Museum Studies requires four graduate-level courses and an on-site internship. Alternatively, students may apply for entry into the program for a Master of Arts in History and Museum Studies. Students interested in Museum Studies courses or the Certificate Program should visit the website or contact the Office of Graduate Admissions (617-627-3395).

Criteria for admission to the M.A. program in History and Museum Studies are the same as those for the Master's Degree in History alone. The requirements for the completion of the M.A. in History and Museum Studies consist in the successful completion of eleven courses, including:

  • The Historiography Proseminar (HIST 200)
  • The Museum Studies Foundation Course
  • One research course
  • Three Museum Studies elective courses
  • The Museum Studies Internship
  • Preparation of one regional or comparative field of study, and examination in that field (see requirements in the preceding description of History M.A.). A thesis is optional.
  • Proven reading proficiency in at least one foreign language (see details in the preceding description of History M.A.).
  • The presentation of one research project drawn from coursework to the Graduate History Roundtable