Committee Information

AS&E Committee on Faculty Work/Life

This committee acts as the faculty voice on matters concerning programs, policies, and practices related to the work/life of AS&E faculty members.

These include programs, policies, and practices that support faculty in balancing personal responsibilities with the demands of career development, including, but not limited to:

  • non-academic leave policies and practices
  • childcare and elder care
  • housing
  • career ramping up and down
  • dual career issues
  • LGBT equity

The committee consults with and makes recommendations to the central administration and the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering on these matters. In addition, the committee welcomes, considers, and addresses concerns or questions from members of the faculty about policies and practices related to its purview.

AS&E Faculty Work/Life Liaison Program

The Faculty Work/Life Liaison Program creates channels of communication among AS&E faculty members, the AS&E Committee on Faculty Work/Life, the AS&E administration, and Tufts Human Resources.

This program enhances official communication of Tufts policies through collegial, peer-to-peer sharing of new program information, benefits, and concerns. Through these same channels, the committee, the academic administration, and HR can also hear back from faculty members about concerns, suggestions, or questions.

Each department (or where appropriate, program) designates a faculty member to serve as its work/life liaison.

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Tufts E-Lists to Support Work/Life Issues

Current e-lists for Tufts faculty and staff include:

  • Childcare A place to seek advice or ask for recommendations about childcare.
  • Eldercare For those who are caring for or worried about the care of elders, spouses/partners, or other adults in their lives. Find advice, learn about resources, ask for recommendations, or find support from people who have or are experiencing the difficulties of adult caregiving.
  • Ttmothers For Tufts faculty mothers of young children. Geared towards policy-level discussions, rather than parenting advice.

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