Adult Care

Elder and Adult Backup Care

Backup care for both children and adults is available to all benefits-eligible employees for up to 20 days, through Tufts’ contract with

Benefits include:

  • Backup care for a child, partner/spouse, parent, or any other adult whose care you are responsible for when regular care falls through.
  • Care away from Boston, e.g., if your parents live across the country and need assistance.
  • Care for yourself.

Adult care can require advance notice because arrangements are made in collaboration with home health agencies. Users are encouraged to register with in advance.
Visit Tufts Human Resources for details >

Employee Assistance Program – Elder and Adult Care Resources

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available through Tufts Human Resources. The program offers extensive information and resources about aging and elder care.
Visit the HR/EAP information page for more information and to sign in to EAP >

Flexible Spending Accounts – Adult Care

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) allows benefits-eligible Tufts employees to set aside pre-tax income for two purposes: health care or dependent care.

A Health Care or Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account can result in considerable savings for employees with high health care, childcare, or elder/adult care costs.

For information about qualifying expenses and qualifying dependents, visit Tufts' FSA Vendor, Crosby Benefits.

Employees may enroll in FSAs either at date of hire, during Benefits Open Enrollment time, or as a result of a change of status such as adding or removing a dependent. (Note: Changes must be consistent with the qualifying life event).

Call Tufts Support Services for more information at 617-627-7000.

Finding Student Caregivers

Faculty and staff have had success finding caregivers for adults from within the Tufts student community. Resources include:

  • JobX, the Tufts Student Employment website
  • Placing a classified ad in The Tufts Daily
  • Contact these Tufts departments to advertise dependent care jobs to their students: