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Arts and Sciences Learning Objectives

Political Science

Students who graduate with a major in Political Science will have developed:
  1. The ability to utilize statistical methods in research;
  2. Understanding of how to create a hypothesis and research design;
  3. Skills to use the case study method in political research;
  4. Skills to read and comprehend classic texts in political philosophy;
  5. An in-depth understanding of the Western tradition in political philosophy;
  6. The ability to clearly communicate in writing theoretical concepts and empirical research findings;
  7. Skills to compare and contrast the character of different types of political regimes;
  8. Understanding of how to analyze political behavior in the United States;
  9. An in-depth understanding of the fundamental causes of war and peace;
  10. The ability to conduct two-semester research program around self-selected, original, topic;
  11. The ability to identify the primary sources of political change;
  12. Knowledge of the workings of the main political institutions in the United States.

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