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Arts and Sciences Learning Objectives

Occupational Therapy

Post-Professional Master's Program Objectives

Students in the Master of Science, Post-professional (practice) and Master of Science, Post-professional (thesis) Programs will:

  1. Be able to critically analyze and synthesize the best available evidence to inform general and self-directed areas of occupational therapy practice and/or research.
  2. Demonstrate a broad understanding of professional and ethical issues, policies and trends that affect the occupational therapy profession and self-directed areas of practice and/or research.
  3. Understand individual and program level mechanisms of change as related to client-centered outcomes in occupational therapy and self-directed areas of practice.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge and skills in clinical and program outcomes research designs and methods, and participate in and report on the planning and dissemination research projects in written and oral formats.
  5. Demonstrate effective professional and scientific communication in written and oral formats to members of the department and to external audiences.
  6. Further develop clinical reasoning and professional identity to become emerging leaders and/or advanced practitioners in occupational therapy and self-directed areas of practice. (Non-thesis - practice option)
  7. Demonstrate the ability to plan, conduct and disseminate independent faculty-mentored thesis research specific to an area of occupational therapy practice. (Thesis - research option)

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