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Arts and Sciences Learning Objectives

Occupational Therapy

Post Professional Doctoral Program Objectives

Students in the Post-professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy Doctoral (OTD) Program will:

  1. Apply evidence-based assessment of outcomes in the student's leadership area
  2. Demonstrate leadership knowledge in the student's area of practice specialization
  3. Demonstrate critical thinking to address advanced practice, policy, and professional issues related to an area of leadership
  4. Demonstrate growth of leadership abilities in an area of advanced practice as demonstrated by written and orally presented work
  5. Be able to communicate process and outcomes of teaching and learning within each course, within the department, and to external audiences
  6. Demonstrate ability to complete a written leadership project that includes a synthesis of the best available evidence and sound and systematic procedures and methods to examine project aims, processes, and outcomes
  7. Demonstrate ability implement an independent leadership project using sound and systematic procedures and methods of data collection and analysis
  8. Demonstrate the ability to report on, interpret and disseminate leadership project results to internal and external audiences

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