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Arts and Sciences Learning Objectives

Occupational Therapy

Entry-Level Master's Program Objectives

Students in the Master of Science, Entry-level Professional Program will:

  1. Display, as a foundation for academic and professional study, a breadth and depth of knowledge in the liberal arts and sciences and an understanding of the value of diversity in life experiences,personal identity, and ways of thinking and communicating
  2. Understand the service delivery models and systems in settings where occupational therapy is currently practiced and where it is emerging as a practice
  3. Display entry-level competence through a combination of academic and fieldwork education
  4. Articulate and apply theory and evidence-based evaluation and intervention to achieve client centered occupational therapy outcomes
  5. Demonstrate the ability to use clinical reasoning while observing, interviewing interacting and implementing evaluation and interventions with recipients of occupational therapy
  6. Become a lifelong learner while keeping current with occupational therapy's professional trends, policies, emerging practices and evidence-based supporting trends, policies and practices
  7. Uphold the ethical standards and values of the occupational therapy profession
  8. Understand the distinct roles and responsibilities of occupational therapy practitioners and interprofessional team members across practice settings
  9. Advocate for existing and emerging occupational therapy services and for current and potential recipients of these services
  10. Demonstrate the ability to critically appraise and apply evidence-based literature that supports the occupational therapy knowledge base and contribute to the growth and dissemination of research and scholarship in occupational therapy.

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