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Arts and Sciences Learning Objectives

Middle Eastern Studies

Middle Eastern Studies is an interdisciplinary program that encourages breadth in coursework and significant immersion in one or more Middle Eastern cultures. The program gives students an opportunity to study the history and culture of the Middle East, as well as areas of the world whose territories were part of Middle Eastern empires or were under the influence of Middle Eastern civilizations in pre-modern and modern times.

MES Majors should:
  • attain an advanced level of language proficiency in either Hebrew or Arabic.

  • acquire an understanding of the region from anthropological, historical, and political perspectives.

  • investigate one Middle Eastern culture in depth through the study of literature, religion, music, and art history.

  • be able to understand the Middle East in a comparative perspective and a global context.

  • synthesize information in an area where they have developed some background in previous courses, through a seminar, thesis, or advanced independent study.

  • demonstrate critical thinking and writing skills on the Middle East.

  • draw and assess data from textual sources, including literary works, historical texts, films, journalism, and non-traditional media.

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