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Arts and Sciences Learning Objectives

Latin American Studies

Latin American Studies Learning Objectives:

The main objectives of the LAS program are to provide students with a broad interdisciplinary understanding of the political, economic, historic and cultural developments of Latin America in an integrated manner.

Specifically students should acquire the following skills:
  1. An in-depth multidisciplinary knowledge of the major developments of the primary regions of Latin America (Mexico, the Caribbean/Central America, the Andean region, Brazil, and the Southern cone)

  2. Written and oral proficiency in Spanish. In addition, elective credit may be earned through the acquisition of a basic knowledge of Portuguese or an indigenous language such as Quechua.

  3. Acquire familiarity with the ways in which different indigenous and diasporic cultures have contributed to the development of Latin America.

  4. The development of critical analytical skills to understand and evaluate the complexity and diversity of Latin America, both past and present.

  5. The ability to initiate, develop, and carry out independent research writing.

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