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Arts and Sciences Learning Objectives


Students graduating from Tufts University with a BA in History will meet the following learning outcomes:
  • Mastery of common historical research methods
  • Ability to identify, locate, access and effectively use both primary and secondary sources in research projects
  • Ability to demonstrate, both orally and in writing:
    • An in-depth knowledge of at least one historical field
    • Understanding of chronology and causation, continuity and change.
    • Knowledge of the historical contexts that influence cultures and ideas.
    • Knowledge of, and appreciation for, regions and cultures other than their own
    • Knowledge of, and appreciation for, global diversity and interdependence
  • Ability to construct an original and plausible historical argument and craft a narrative that is a) grounded in both primary and secondary source information, and b) logically and convincingly supports that argument.
  • Ability to think critically and analytically about historical themes.
  • Ability to clearly and effectively convey historical information orally and in writing.

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