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Arts and Sciences Learning Objectives

Community Health


  1. Students can understand how multiple disciplines bring unique perspectives to cross-cutting questions of health and societies.

    1. Integration of learning disciplinary perspectives
    2. Understanding cultural differences through use of practice and research

  2. Student can explain and apply the basic principles needed to understand health status. This will include exposure to various ways of understanding rates, risk factors, disease determinants, causation, evidence, and intervention.

    1. Critical thinking
    2. Research skills
    3. Quantitative reasoning
    4. Oral and written communication skills
  3. Students can explain and assess social and behavioral interventions to improve
    the health of populations.
    1. Research skills
    2. Oral and written communication skills
    3. Intercultural skills and abilities


  1. Students can evaluate complex arguments related to public policy and/or law.
    1. Critical thinking
    2. Civic engagement and competence


  1. Students can explain the impact of infectious disease on populations
    1. Oral and communication skills
  2. Students can identify the role that public health plays in improving global health
    1. Ethical reasoning
  3. Students can evaluate public policy issues with respect to access, quality, and
    cost and demonstrate understanding of health disciplines within vulnerable populations.
    1. Intercultural skills and abilities
    2. Ethical reasoning
    3. Civic engagement and competence

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