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Arts and Sciences Learning Objectives

Classics & Classical Studies

Objectives for Greek & Latin Majors

  1. Acquire the ability to read with comprehension randomly selected passages of Latin/Greek texts, demonstrating the mastery of relevant vocabulary and syntax.

  2. Acquire the ability to read Latin/Greek texts with correct pronunciation and, in the case of poetic texts, accurate metrical scansion.

  3. Acquire the ability to recognize and analyze the effects of stylistic features of Latin/Greek texts (e.g., dialect, diction, archaisms, literary allusions, rhetorical tropes, meter, and poetic artifice).

  4. Develop knowledge of major authors' lives and works that informs the student's understanding of the authors' historical significance--student should be able to assess the literary and intellectual relationships between authors and other preceding or contemporary literary figures, to assess the authors' contributions to the literary development of the genres involved, and to assess the authors' contributions to the chronological development of important intellectual themes.

  5. Become familiar with the chronological transmission and impact of authors' texts from manuscript to printed text.

  6. Demonstrate assimilation of the content in courses taken for the major, through verbal discussion, written examinations, class presentations, and papers/projects which evince mastery of research methodologies and critical evaluation of primary and secondary sources.

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