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Arts and Sciences Learning Objectives

Master of Arts in Art History

In the Master of Arts in Art History at Tufts, students will:
  • Demonstrate understanding of key debates, concepts, and methods in Art History
  • Advance their skills in visual literacy and analysis of artworks
  • Gain familiarity with a broad temporal and geographic scope of art across media
  • Demonstrate the ability to contextualize the cultural and historical significance of a broad range of artworks
  • Develop and carry out original research in at least one subfield, using primary sources
  • Refine their public presentation skills
  • Produce publishable or near-publishable written work and understand field-specific publishing standards
  • Build basic teaching skills
  • Learn about a range of professional opportunities in Art History
  • Practice responsible and ethical conduct of the profession, especially as outlined by the practices and standards of the College Art Association
In addition to the skills listed above, students in the Master of Arts in Art History and Museum Studies will:
  • Gain command of key issues facing art museums today
  • Learn current museum practices from practitioners in the field
  • Gain valuable hands-on experience through a structured internship at an institution of their choice
  • Learn about professional opportunities and establish a contact network in the museum world
  • Develop an understanding of the histories of museums and art institutions

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