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Arts and Sciences Learning Objectives

American Studies

Students graduating with a major in American Studies will have developed:

  • a deep understanding of the complex historical, social and cultural underpinnings of what is commonly referred to as the American experience;
  • a capacity for critical thinking through immersion in close reading, rhetorical analysis, and historical contextualization;
  • the ability to initiate, develop, and carry out independent inquiry.

Students graduating with a major in American Studies will have learned:

  • how histories of power, privilege, migration, race, sex, class & gender shape the cultures and the lived experiences of people of the United States and the Americas;
  • the critical skills and intellectual flexibility necessary to prepare them for life and work in an increasingly fragmented, complex, and diverse society;
  • how the intersecting dynamics of race, ethnicity, class, and gender produce dissimilar "American" experiences for individuals and groups;
  • how political, economic and social systems shape crucial public domains such as education, health, work and the environment;
  • the ways that other countries perceive and interpret the United States, and conversely, how people in the United States perceive and represent their neighbors inside and outside of the Western hemisphere.

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