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Arts and Sciences Learning Objectives

International Literary and Visual Studies Program

Language Preparation

  1. Learn one foreign language through the 122- or fourth-year college level.
  2. Begin or continue the study of at least one other language.

Cultural Competency

  1. Be able to function in a foreign environment using one's language skills and cultural knowledge.
  2. Gain a multi-cultural perspective of our world's problems and solutions.

Mastery of Literature, Film, and Visual Studies

  1. Be able to understand and appreciate the literature, film, and visual arts of at least two different cultural areas.
  2. Understand and be able to articulate the interplay between the various arts.
  3. Know one's intellectual interests and be able to pursue them in a dedicated and productive fashion.
  4. Develop one's creativity.
  5. Do a culminating project senior year, preferably a senior honors thesis.

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