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Elections 2017-2018

Budget and Priorities Committee
Budget and Priorities Committee Page

Open Positions and Nominees:

One full-term (5-year term) position in social sciences (only)
Term: 2017-2022
(To replace Marina Bers, Child Study and Human Development)

  • Nominee information for full-term:
    • Ujjayant Chakravorty, Professor in Economics
      • Past service experience:
    • Ann Easterbrooks, Professor in Child Study and Human Development
      • Past service experience:
        • AS&E Tenure & Promotion Committee (2014-2017)
        • Chair, Eliot-Pearson Dept. of Child Study and Human Development 1999-2002; Director of Graduate Studies, 1995-1998, 2002-2008
        • Tufts Phi Beta Kappa Executive Committee 2010-present
        • Board of Directors, Massachusetts Association for Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health (2008-present), Executive Council (2009-present)
        • Society for Research in Child Development Publications Committee 2007-2015 (chair, 2009-2013)


One full-term (5-year term) position in natural sciences (only)
Term: 2017-2022
(To replace Austin Napier, Physics and Astronomy)

  • Nominee information for full-term:
    • Hugo Beauchemin, Assistant Professor in Physics and Astronomy
      • Past service experience:
        • Member of the Tufts in Talloires committee (2014-present)
        • Chair and member of various Physics and Astronomy committees: Award (2011-2013, 2015-present), Curriculum (2012-2013, 2014-2015), Graduate Program (2015-present)
        • Multiple coordination roles in the experimental High Energy Physics ATLAS Collaboration (chosen among ~3000 physicists) since 2010
        • Chair and member of more than 20 editorial board committees for ATLAS publications since 2010
    • Al Robbat, Associate Professor in Chemistry
      • Past service experience:
        • Chair and member of FRSFAC, 2014-present
        • Chair and member of faculty Athletics Committee
        • Co-sponsor with Tufts Technology Services, Selection and Implementation of Research Data Management Software and Services
        • Advisory Committee U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
        • Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Agency


One one-year replacement position (2017-2018 only) in math and natural sciences (only)
Term: 2017-2018 (only)
(To replace George McNinch, Mathematics)

  • Nominee information for one-year replacement:
    • Kelly McLaughlin, Associate Professor in Biology
    • Past service experience:
      • Health Professions Recommendation Committee, member, 2013-present
      • Biology Graduate Program Director, 2007-2014
      • Biology Graduate Admissions Committee, member 2002-present, chair 2007-2014
      • LA&J Academic Standing and Honors Committee, member, 2013-present
      • GIFT program, workshop presenter, 2008-present
    • Todd Quinto, Robinson Professor of Mathematics
      • Past service experience:
        • Member of the AS&E Tenure and Promotion Committee, 2014-2016 (vice chair 2015-16)
        • Previously: co-chair of EPC (2000-2001, 2002, 2003-4) co-chair of Budget and Priorities Committee (1995-98)
        • Interim Head Department of Mathematics, 2007-8 (head of Department Curriculum Committee 2014-16, 2010-12 and earlier)
        • Leonard Carmichael Society Faculty Staff board, 2002-present
        • Phi Beta Kappa Executive Committee 1986-present